Hey, my friends!

So do you sometime hear the attractive character?

Being attractive character?

Define your attractive character.

What is that?

Does that mean you have to be attractive?

Does that means you have to look good?

That’s not were talking about.

So what is the attractive character?

When we talked about you should have an attractive character, you should define your attractive character.

You should use your attractive character.

What are we talkin’ about?

First, let me tell you I am still working on it just because I haven’t really heard that explain this way until recently.

I started listening to Russell Brunson.

In his book, DotComSecrets, he really explains it well.

What it is? Why it matters? And how to use it?

And for me, I’ve been doing online attractions marketing, personal branding for almost four years now and I’ve done things like that.

I just wasn’t as well defined as it needs to be.

I haven’t define my audience as well as I should.

You know, I haven’t defined my audience that well at least not until recently.

I haven’t really understood how to use this the attractive character and what it was until recently.

Until listening to Russell Brunson.

And speaking of Russell Brunson, yesterday I was actually listening to this documentary.

The 10X conference that Russell spoke at and it was a really a cool documentary video.

I think it’s called the 10X conference, a click funnel story or something similar that.

You should go check that out.

I think it might be on Netflix or you can probably download on YouTube.

But yeah, it’s really a cool story.

It’s all about the attractive character and what is in there.

Let me explain to you.

What is the attractive character?

So the attractive character is the persona that you define and that you use in your marketing, in your branding, in your ads, in your post.

That defines what it is you’re trying to achieve in your online branding.

In your online branding, you need to have an attractive character.

You need to have somebody who’s the persona that you’re using in your marketing, right?

In your emails, in your ads, in your post and that attractive character doesn’t have to be a good-looking or not.

Of course they could be but it usually would be you, right?

But in a light or in a way of explaining that defines somebody that your audience will be attracted to, right?

So, you know when you define your attractive character.

It’s going to be the person that you use.

Or that you talk as in your post, in your content, in your videos.

Whenever like me when I’m doing my videos, my attractive character is me, right?

As the guy who started off with certain background who studied certain things, who did certain things, who learn certain things.

Now, I have to define all that very clearly now.

And that’s something that’s going to be used then afterwards in other parts of your business, for example in your initial email that you send out the people that join your list.

It’s going to be the story of your attractive character.

You are going to be talking about that persona, that person and their background and you know what they’re up to and what they’ve been up to, what struggles they had and those kinds of things.

That is why it’s important to have it perfectly defined because then you know exactly what to say, what to talk about, how to talk.

What words to use, what language to use, what stories to tell.

Without the attractive character, you’re just going all over the place all the time, different stuff, different ways of talking, different personalities.

Everything changes every time and that’s probably one of my problems in being define or being focused.

By having attractive character define, it helps you

As well to clearly say your messages and who is that message for and who is it from.

All these things become super clear and it helps you in all aspects of your business.

So make sure you figure out what that attractive character is and what is your attractive character.

And go check out DotComSecrets. It’s an amazing book.

And of course, I might put a link to a page I have so you can get the book from me and that would be amazing.

It would help me a lot and you know it’s an amazing book.

You can get it for free actually and you can get the audiobook as well.

It’s really a good book that well explains the attractive character.

How to use the attractive character.

We talked about the Seinfeld email sequences, soap opera sequences.

He talks about all this that really you need your attractive character define.

Alright, so go check that out – books.clickecourse.com

Go there. Go check that out and get that.

It’s going to change your life if you clearly understand and define your attractive character.

Alright, I hope you enjoyed this message

and if you think anybody else needs to know this then please go ahead and share.

I’m sure they’d appreciate it and I would, too.

Alright, so have yourself a great day. Until next time.

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