Hey, my friend!

So do you sometimes wonder if you should be worrying a better abundance mentality versus lack mentality?

And what that is?

Why is abundance mentality so important?

This morning as I look at the sunrise, some days the sun rises and some days the sun is beautiful, some days it’s not, right?

And that’s part of abundance mentality.

Alright, so abundance mentality has with thinking that you will get what you want and doesn’t matter that others have it, doesn’t matter that maybe others think that there’s not enough to go around.

Your mentality has to be that you will achieve what you are trying to accomplish instead of thinking…

“Oh my God, it’s too hard. There’s too many people out there doing it already.

There’s too many people that already have happy family so I can’t have a happy family, right?

There’s too many people that have millions of dollars that there’s no money left for me.”

That’s lack mentality, right?

Thinking that there’s not enough to go around, right?

When you think about the sun rise, it’s not every day that it’s beautiful like this.

It’s not every day that it’s awesome and it looks so colorful and and fantastic.

But if you constantly worry about the days that it doesn’t look good and you think this is not a good day because the sun didn’t rise and instead of thinking about the other days that had a beautiful sunrise that can give you this feeling of abundance of feeling of I’m gonna get what I deserve,
what I want, right?

Whatever it is that you want.

Whatever it is that’s that’s making you get up in the morning.

Whatever it is that is your goal, your dream.

Abundance is out there.

You can get that why is it important to think that way because it’s a positive mindset.

It’s a mindset of you deserve what you want.

You can get what you want.

You can request what makes you happy, right?

You can receive that and having the abundance mindset is that’s how it works in the world of I guess, quantum physics.

You know the laws of attraction. All this.

All connected just like yesterday I was talking about sharing other people’s stuff, right?

Not worrying that if you share something from somebody else and you say who it was that you’re sharing from.

In other words, you leave their Instagram ID on their website link or an image that you’re sharing.

It’s doesn’t mean that you’re gonna lose all your fans.

Your fans are actually going to think that you’re awesome for sharing other people’s stuff and not being afraid.

Sure, you’re gonna lose some fans but you’re also gonna gain a lot of respect and the fans that stay will be better fans, bigger fans, stronger fans because they know that you have abundance mindset.

That you’re not worried about others stealing your stuff, right?

Because you’re positive, you’re convinced that you will get what you deserve, what you asked for, what you need.

What makes you get up in the morning.

What makes you know stay alive right?

What makes you happy, right?

They know that. They’ll see that.

They’ll realize that and then you’ll get that because there’s no other option, right?

Being positive, being of abundance, it makes a huge difference in everything that you do.

If you think lack, that also has huge difference in everything you do because the universe knows and you think you don’t deserve it, so why would the universe give it to you?

Why would the powers like if you believe in God, if you believe in the law of attraction, if you believe in quantum physics, right?

Those are all the same or similar laws.

Laws that say that there’s a power out there that has the ability to give you what you want so if you’re constantly thinking about lack, what’s gonna give you that?

Because it thinks that’s what you want.

There’s no thought process and all that.

It just does what you want, what you’re asking for, gives you what you’re asking for so ask for what makes you happy.

Don’t talk or think or worry about what doesn’t make you happy.

Just concentrate on abundance mindset, alright?

I hope you enjoyed this and if you think anybody needs to know this message then please go ahead and share.

I’m sure they’d appreciate it and I would, too.

Have yourself a great day.

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