Hey, how’s it going?

So do you sometimes worry whether you should be sharing other people’s stuff?

You know they’re gonna steal your audience, they’re gonna steal your fans then and you’re like I’m gonna take out this stuff so that people don’t know that this came from this other person, right?

So that’s not the right way of thinking.

So why should you be sharing other people’s stuff?

You know one of the things I’ve learned over the years is that if I see something that I like from one of my mentors or fans, I’m gonna share that.

And I’m gonna say something about it.

I’m gonna obviously like their thing and I’m gonna comment on it but I’m gonna share it.

And I haven’t been doing a lot of that recently but I do share something everyday from one of my mentors or fans.

I don’t take out the fact that it came from them or their URL or their website page or their name or Instagram.

Or whatever it is that they put on there especially if it’s an image.

The reason why I do this is…

First of all, you gotta have abundance mentality.

You can’t be thinking they’re gonna steal your audience.

You can’t be thinking it’s your audience you can start following them instead of you.

You can’t be thinking that because first of all thinking that will bring that about the laws of the universe or attraction marketing.

All that.

That’s for real.

It’s gonna happen.

You gotta fix that mindset. That thinking if you have it.

Secondly, when you share other people’s stuff, others are gonna start sharing your stuff.

It’s the law of reciprocity.

Reciprocity states that you will get whatever you give so if you give, if you share other people’s things then other people are gonna share your stuff.

It doesn’t mean that the person you’re sharing is gonna share your stuff.

It’s not. That’s not how it works.

It’s not one for one. It’s not if I share your stuff you better be sharing my stuff.

It has nothing to do with that

it’s all about the law of reciprocity.

Reciprocity like I said states that whatever you give, you’ll receive so that’s why they say if you want to have money, you got to give to charity.

If you want to have love, you got to love others.

If you want to receive compassion, you got to be compassionate to others.

You know same thing if you want people to share your stuff, you’ve got to share other people’s stuff.

The third reason is it’s just how it works.

That’s just the law of attraction.

The law of reciprocity.

The law of sharing.

All these laws they do that.

I can’t say any simpler than that so if you’re worried about others stealing your audience, if you’re worried about others taking away from you, just don’t!

Just stop thinking that.

Just go ahead.

Start sharing things from others.

If you share my stuff, I really appreciate it.

But this is not about you sharing my stuff.

It’s about just sharing.

Just share and don’t feel that bad.

It’s a great thing to share and I appreciate you.

And if you think anybody needs to know this message then please go ahead and share.

I’m sure they’d appreciate it and I would, too.

Have yourself a great day.

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