Hey, my friends!

So do you sometimes wonder if really you should be getting all these likes?

All these connections?

All these followers on your social media?

Does that really matter in generating income or building a business online?

Do you need to have hundreds and thousands of likes on your fanpage and connections in LinkedIn and followers on Twitter and Instagram?

Do you need that?

Does that make a difference?

One of the things for me is when I started, I certainly would go out there and I would look at all the influencers and the coaches and my mentors.

I would look at how many likes that they have on their pages.

And I’m gonna be like ,”Oh my God, they have like thousands ten thousand twenty thousand a hundred thousand likes”.

That’s what I need to do, right?

I need to grow my likes and get a ton of likes

You know spending time with my family this weekend, I’m actually realizing one thing that I’ve I’ve heard and I’m so sure that I gotta get a ton of likes, that I’ll do whatever it takes to get all these likes, right?

But the truth is it’s not about the number of likes.

Sure, getting a lot of likes makes a difference but if they’re not the right likes, it won’t matter.

If you’re getting a ton of people following you because they think your family looks cute or they think you’re doing some fun stuff, that’s not gonna help your business.

You’re not gonna grow your business if you’re getting these likes because they think that your kids are cute or you spend lots of times with your family or you have a nice dog or your house is nice or you’re traveling a lot.

You know all these things, they’re great and they’re gonna grow your likes.

People like to see attractive people or if you like posting pictures and bikinis on the beach or whatever and that kind of stuff, those are all great and they’re gonna give you a lot of likes, a lot of followers, a lot of comments.

It’s gonna grow your audience of people who like that but if that’s not what you’re trying to sell, it’s not gonna make any difference.

So you’re really gonna focus on what is it that you’re trying to accomplish online.

What is it that you’re trying to do to help people?

What is it that you’re trying to help them with?

Like in my case, digital course strategies – these online courses, the strategies of building a business online with the e-learning boom that’s happening right now.

That that has nothing to do with posting pictures of my kids or showing what my wife looks like.

All these things they won’t change a thing in building a business.

Sure, they’re gonna change some connectivity to you but the thing is that the first priority has to be somebody who’s interested in making money online.

Somebody who’s struggling trying to figure out how to do it, right?

Somebody who’s not sure how they’re gonna retire, not sure how they’re gonna pay for their kids’ college.

You got to focus on your audience who is interested in what you want to sell.

If you’re not sure what you’re gonna sell then of course it’s hard to decide what kind of audience you should have but not an audience that’s interested in your personal life. That comes after, right?

And the other thing too is the beauty of the social media platforms.

You could be focusing on your business, on building an income, on growing your audience that’s interested in making money online or losing weight.

You’re trying to sell or promote.

At the same time on your personal Facebook page or something, you could be posting pictures of your your life once in a while.

It doesn’t have to be constant content that has to do with that.

Because your content matters and is going to help others with whatever it is you’re trying to help though.

Alright, so remember that the number of likes doesn’t really matter.

It’s not the number.

I remember there’s people that used to tell me don’t worry about the number of likes.

I actually you know have strategies to grow to 10,000 likes in a day on Facebook.

I know how to do that and I can show you but the thing is that growing those numbers really isn’t going to necessarily make a difference.

It’s not about that.

It’s about your content and who you’re trying to help.

If you think somebody else needs to know this message, please go ahead and share.

I’m sure they would appreciate it and I would, too

Until next time.

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