Hey, my friend!

So do you sometimes wonder just since it’s really gonna pay off if you’ve been doing this forever and it seems like you’re not getting any results yet?

What is persistence?

Persistence is the act of performing an action that you have told yourself that you have decided that you would take even when you don’t feel like it.

And even when you have external events that are causing you to not want to do it.

Your persistence is doing what you said you would do, right?

Why do I say that eventually pays off?

You know, one of the things that is happening today with the social media world with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram and all these social media platforms is that there’s so much content there that people don’t really see you, right?

Unless of course they’re maybe you’re family and they’re seeing your stuff because they want to.

Because they already know you, right?

But somebody who doesn’t know you, they’re not gonna see your stuff because the platform won’t show it to them.

That’s just how it is, right?

So if you want to grow your audience, if you want to sell courses, if you want to make money online, you have to be persistent!

You gotta you gotta do what you said you were gonna do.

And the secret to that is that you’re gonna make a decision as what you’re gonna do.

And then of course, you got to be consistent.

There’s all these other things that are happening to support the results that you’re looking for.

But the thing is that without persistence, it’s not going to work.

If you’re persistent, you’re gonna grow your audience, you’re gonna start to get people to like your page, you’re gonna get start people to join your list, you’re gonna get people start to know you and that’s by being consistent and persistent.

If you’re consistent, that’s great.

But if not…

I guess I could say you are not consistent if you jump from daily to weekly and then skip a whole month with no content and all these kinds of things, that’s gonna be terrible for your followers, for your audience, for building your business, right?

You have to have a consistency that you are persistent on so don’t forget that.

Be persistent with your consistency.

Just choose something and be consistent.

Like me right now, I’m late for working but I’m doing my video and it’s okay because the job I have is pretty flexible in terms of as long as I do my work, I do my hours, I can be there at 9:30 and leave at 5:30.

That’s a good thing about my job.

At the same time, I could decide to get up late and not gonna do a video today or just gonna do it later.

I’ve done this before but really I like doing them in the morning.

It’s done. It’s over with it.

And that’s my consistency, my persistence in being consistent and my audience is growing.

I lost my Facebook page but that doesn’t matter.

I’m still growing my audience.

I’m growing my views and my followers on my page.

I haven’t even learned in the ads, not ads to get likes, just a few ads on some of the videos to just increase engagement and that’s the thing.

It’s all about being persistent and eventually that will pay off.

I guarantee you.

You just gotta be persistent.

Figure out your consistency and be persistent with it, alright?

If you think anybody else needs to know the message then please go ahead and share.

I’m sure they’d appreciate it and I would, too.

Have yourself a great day.

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