Hey, my friends!

So how many people you’re supposed to be talking to when you’re posting on social media?

What’s the paradigm that we’re living in compared to live events on stages?

Last February 2015, I was with my wife at the First Steps to Success with Dani Johnson.

It was an awesome weekend.

We learned a whole lot.

First Steps to Success is an event that happens every month I think. It’s ten times a year.

Dani Johnson is a is the secret millionaire from ABC TV and she’s also been doing network marketing for like 40 years.

She’s been teaching these basics on building a business for years.

I don’t know if it’s 10 or 20 years but for a long time doing these events and this event is about basics of building a business.

Especially with the new age with social media.

She talks about recruiting and talking to people and and having conversations and building rapport and personalities.

It’s really amazing but that’s not the point.

The point is she talked about social media posting and how you’re supposed to post by talking to one person.

That’s the answer to the question how many people are you supposed to be talking to?

Just one.

And that’s the difference.

She explained why and I don’t know if I’m gonna do her justice and explain it to you.

But basically when you’re posting on social media, you have to remember that the person watching your story, the person that’s reading your post, the person that’s looking at your image, they’re alone.

They’re holding their phone in their hand and they’re on their own looking at your post

So if you say something like hey, my friends! How are you?

Just like, hey how’s Facebook family today, right?

How’s how’s my my Instagram buds today, right?

How are all of you doing versus just hey blue eyes, hey green eyes, hey you, hey one person.

It makes a difference because the person that’s watching, they are gonna feel connected to you.

If you say, hey green eyes and they have blue eyes, they’re not gonna feel connected because they don’t have that. That’s not them.

But that’s okay because the people who have green eyes, they’re gonna be connected.

And that’s what you want.

You want to build an audience and that’s why they talked about your avatar and figuring out what your avatar is, who your audience is and all those things.

If you’re gonna be posting content on social media, you should be using the rule of one, right?

The rule of one person that’s watching.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed this but every single video I do, every single post I do, the talking is as if there’s only one person listening to me and that’s you, right?

And I do that because I know that whoever’s listening is there alone.

I mean it’s not like you’re on stage where there’s a thousand people in the seats in front of you and they’re all listening at the same time to you on social media.

They’re not gonna crowd around somebody’s phone when they’re sitting and watch something on the phone at the same time, right?

You’re not doing that. Nobody does that, right?

Maybe there’s exceptions like parties where people post a video or something and they share it on the TV screen and they’re all sitting in a room but that’s very uncommon especially with just posts in the newsfeed.

So you want to connect with a person.

You want to build rapport.

Well, you have to be talking to one person.

Just the one person, right?

One person – that’s all it is.

It’ll help, I know that.

It doesn’t feel natural.

It might feel like … I have a thousand friends.

I have five or four thousand friends.

I have you know twenty thousand likes on my page.

This is my audience.

They’re all there.

Yes but they’re not all there at the same time.

They’re all individually watching you so just keep that in mind.

I highly recommend that you start using this concept of the one person.

So use the one person.

You’re talking to one person.

Every single person is unique.

You’re unique and you’re watching right now and I appreciate you.

If you think anybody else needs to know this message and please go ahead and share.

I’m sure they’d appreciate it and I would, too.

Alright, have yourself a great day.


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