Hey, my friends!

So do you sometimes wonder that it’s a simple as sowing the seed so keep sowing the seeds every single day.

Have you heard of Jim Rohn?

He talks about sowing the seed. He’s got us on YouTube.

You can just look it up. The Sower and The Seed. It’s an amazing story.

It comes from the Bible, I guess. It is really good.

Go check that out but we’re gonna talk about you got to keep sowing the seed.

Why it produced fruit? Or is producing at least a sprout and there’s fruits coming.

You know, if you listen that story

he talks about how there’s the the sower

and you know you’ve got to be the sower

and you gotta be sowing seeds all the time.

You got to be recognizing that not all the seeds in the bare fruit, not all this is anything to sprout.

You know there’s gonna be seeds that are gonna fall on a rock.

There’s gonna be seeds that are gonna be burnt by the sun.

There’s gonna be seeds that will be an earth by critters.

So they’re not all gonna grow and even the ones that sprout sometimes, they’re not going to grow into a big tree.

They’re not gonna grow and bear fruit.

It takes time and patience. It takes love and taking care of those seeds, watering them and all this.

That’s kind of like the real life, right?

Where you’re sowing seeds.

Where you’re posting content.

Where you’re producing content.

Communicating with your audience.

You’re growing your audience or building your engagement.

You’re building your relationships.

You’re doing all that over time, right?

So you’re producing content.

So the reason why I talked about this is today I’ve got proof of sowing seeds.

I have proved before but today is a really cool example.

A year ago, I posted results I had gotten from Facebook Likes Campaign.

An ad that you post on Facebook to get likes to your page.

Basically, I had a campaign that produced likes for my page and I think the results were something like five thousand or two thousand likes in a week or something.

At the time, it was amazing.

Today, I know ways to make it even more than that but the thing is that it was really cool and I was super excited about getting those results.

So I posted a post saying, hey I got these results. It’s so awesome.

This is how much I spent.

This is how many likes I got and this how long it took.

And this is so cool. I learned this and everything, right?

So I posted that a year ago.

People had come in and say congrats, that’s great. You know all these things.

So you know those people, they commented, liked and everything.

I had conversation with them.

I showed them a few tricks but that post just disappeared.

Yesterday, all of a sudden, for whatever reason, somebody posted, commented, liked the post and commented, hey, great results and got to like five or
six or ten comment.

Since yesterday, people asking what did I do?

To share how I did it.

I can tell people a little bit what I did but it’s not super.

It’s not a quick thing to explain.

There’s lots of different little things.

It’s not too complicated

It just kind of simple.

You do ABC, right?

You got to do it right and you can come up with your own campaign to get a lot of likes.

Recently, four or five months ago, I did another ad then I got like 18,000 likes in almost a week.

I know how to do that now so I could show people how to do it.

Actually, I’m thinking I might do a quick training on that.

I’m not sure if you’re interested in that kind of training.

Let me know by commenting below or send me a message saying you’d like to learn how to get you know a thousand or ten thousand likes on your Facebook page within a week.

If anybody is interested in knowing how to do that, I’d love to share it.

I just need more than just one person asking.

So if you’re interested in that, just go ahead, comment and share.

Let me know and if you know anybody who needs to know this message, please go ahead and share.

I’m sure they’d appreciate it and I would, too.

And until next time.

Have yourself a great day.

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