Hey, my friends!

So do you sometimes wonder what is a good way to market yourself?

To market your product?

To market your opportunity?

To market your courses?

And have you ever heard of long tail marketing?

I’ve been listening to Danny Iny.

His leverage learning book, audio book and he talks about long tail marketing is.

What exactly is that?

So basically what long tail marketing is the last items on the list of things that aren’t as common as other stuffs.

For example, if you go to a corner store, they might have the top 10 items in a bunch of different categories and maybe 20 categories so I’ve ended up having 200 items in the store

But they don’t have what everybody wants, everything that anybody wants.

It’s called long tail because when you look at the list of items, you got a whole list of categories.

Whatever those items are, you look at that list and as you go down, it was sorted by number of sales per month or per day.

You’d have a list of items with the number of sales per month on the side and sorted by the most number of sales per month.

At the very top of the list would be the item that most people need, most people buy.

As you go down the list, it’s less and less things.

There’s a lot more items at the bottom of the list then there are at the top of the list.

There’s most common items but at the bottom is the least common items.

The further along down the list you get, the long tail of the list the less people are interested in those things.

Now, if you have a corner store that’s not a good idea to try to sell those items at the bottom of the list, right?

Because you’ll barely ever get a customer in the store who’s gonna want those things.

the people that come to the store want the stuff at the top.

But that with the internet like Amazon and eBay, anybody who wants those things at the very bottom unless they can find them because it’s a worldwide market.

Same thing with courses.

Same thing with personal branding attraction marketing.

If you’re using the Internet, you can use the long tail and the idea is better because it basically fits in with Brussels Brunson’s blue ocean.

And the way that you’ve got to think about it is that you’re gonna be building something that’s unique.

That only a certain number of people are interested in.

Maybe less people but at least you’ll be able to target those people in a way that makes it efficient for your ads and that kind of stuff, right?

Now I’m not saying that at the very beginning, you just start with one thing that’s completely different than anybody else.

But what I’m saying is that you use the long tail marketing method, the concept of finding the things that are less popular, less common to make yourself into a unique proposition.

Unique selling proposition.

We talked about things like being specific to what your market wants.

So that’s the kind of stuff that you can use the long tail marketing for.

That’s what long tail marketing is about.

It’s about being specific, not being the common person that does the same thing as everybody else.

Being unique.

That’s what long tail marketing is all about.

If you think anybody else needs to know this message, please go ahead and share.

I’d really appreciate it.

Have yourself a great day.

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