Hey, my friend. So do you sometimes wonder how are you gonna organize your course?

I mean, you got this great course idea and you’re just thinking how do I organize it?

What is the first thing I got to talk about? What is the second thing?

And you know, can I make it? So that people are actually going to be interested in buying this.

How do I figure that out?

Today we’re gonna talk about organizing your course into topics and how you figure out what those topics are.

How you know which ones you should put in your course and the cool thing about this process is that you can actually come up with multiple courses on your topic.

Different levels, for example of understanding and and maybe generate some courses that are longer term like something that you can add to.

It really depends on your topic.

Obviously, your topic is key. What is your topic?

So first of all, you know something. You’re excited about it.

If you go to some event and there’s people interested in your topic, you can talk about it for hours.

You don’t stop. It’s something you really like and it’s something that you have a super ease about it.

So you could sit down and you could just start recording videos that’s something I did.

I recorded videos of topics and I just put them out there and put them in courses and started telling people about them and asked them to go check it out and that kind of stuff and you know that can work.

It does work a little bit but to be honest, it’s not working as great as I would want it to.

I’m sure that if you tried that, you also know the same thing, right?

It’s not working that great, right? So what is the secret?

What is the way to really get the course structured in the way that people think it is awesome and would want  this and they’re gonna
see how it works.

So when you look at the course platforms out there.

They all have this this concept of modules.

You could think about your topic and you can just generate.

Decide on the module system like writing a book, choosing the chapters all based on what you think, on your experience and on having conversation with people.

You know all these things.

You’re gonna come up with something, I’m sure.

It’s gonna be great but that’s not the best way to do it.

Now, I’ve been learning about course creation.

Of course, I’ve been learning about the platforms.

I’ve been learning about all sorts of different things in my own experience and also just by looking at what others are teaching in the course creation, you know.

Marketplace, right? There’s lots of people teaching that.

And as you know, income secrets is about generating income from courses.

Like I’ve said many times in any other the episodes if you’ve listened to any of them, it’s not about creating courses.

It’s about generating income from courses and there’s a bunch of different ways to do that but today we’re talking about your course and creating a course which of course is definitely one of the ways to generate income from courses, right?

You create your own course. So how do you do that?

Basically, what you want to do is you want to find out what is the top questions people are asking so you got to figure out your topic, right?

How to lose weight without giving up your favorite carbs?

How to sell a house on eBay without having to get a loan from the bank?

How to have the perfect flower garden without having to learn..?

Oh you know, right, I’m not a gardener. I don’t even know where the things that people don’t want but the idea is your course title is one thing.

Once you know your course titles and there’s other topics on that.

How to choose your course title?

So that people are interested in it or it looks interested.

That’s a separate topic but once you know your course title, you got to go out there and gonna ask people, what is your number one question about this, right?

So you’re gonna ask people what is their number and once you have like maybe a hundred answers then you go through all your questions.

You need to pick the top 10 questions and those become your modules, parts of your course.

Those questions become your modules and then within each module of course like if you’re trying to figure out how to generate leads online.

How to generate leads online without spending money on elite externally companies, right?

How to generate leads online without having to spend hours a day on the phone, right?

How do I generate those leads without spending a whole bunch of time every day, right?

So you might have a module that says time savers.

Things that will save you time and then of course in that module, you’re gonna have little parts that talk about different things that save you time.

It could be hours. I’m not gonna make up anything but it could be a whole bunch of different things.

So once you have your list of questions from that, you generate modules and then from the modules ,you come up with topics now.

You know your topic so you know what to put in each of those sections to answer those questions because the idea is that somebody who is going to buy your course, they’re going to want answers to those questions.

So each module has to be basically answering the question so then it becomes easy for you since you know your topic.. to just you know put in there pieces that answer the questions.

They could be little videos. It could be PDF files or anything like that or quizzes even depending on the platform.

That’s the thing. So you’re going to come up with that list.

The question now that you might be asking is how do I get a hundred answers to my question?

How do I get a hundred questions, right?

How do I get people to give me a hundred questions?

Well, there’s lots of different ways.

Of course, we’re not gonna talk about that in this video but once you know how to get your question out there so that people, how did I get your course and ask people what their answers to the questions are then you’re gonna get those questions.

Of course, you can pay ads. There’s different ways to do it.

But we’re gonna not gonna talk about it right now.

I’m just saying, that’s how you choose.

How do you organize a course that’s actually gonna sell?

You gotta find what is it that people are interested in.

Why would they even care about your topic?

Why would they want to know what are the questions they have?

You create a course that answers those questions organized by the top 8 or 10 or 6.

It really depends on the length of your course and how complicated it is.

Then you can have an advanced course that includes other answers.

That becomes your next level course or something.

So that’s the secret to figuring out how to organize course structure.

It’s really that simple. Just go out there.

Find out what people are wondering about that topic.

What are their top questions?

Put a course together using that as modules.

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