Hey my friend.

So do you wonder what it is you’re not supposed to be doing on social media?

Maybe you’ve heard all sorts of things.

But do this, do that.

You should be doing this, but maybe you haven’t really heard somebody specifically say what not to do and why.

So I’m going to talk about what not to do some of the top things and why people do this.

So maybe you’re going to identify yourself and you think why I do that or shouldn’t do it.

Part of the strategies is learning how to do social media the right way.

So when I talk about social media, obviously, I’m talking about Facebook and Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and blogging.

I mean everything and YouTube, right?

So I mean all the social media platforms, all have the same kind of rules or ways to do things.

So one of the things is that if you are doing certain things on social media, it’s probably because you think you’re doing what you see out there in the real world.

And so we’re going to talk about things not to do when you might be doing them and if you’re doing them, don’t beat yourself up and it’s not your fault.

You just didn’t know so let’s go onto the first one.

I got this message from David Inene. He’s a friend that I connected with on Facebook.

But as you can see, all he’s sending me is just links and posts and information about stuff that he’s doing.

Basically, he’s spamming me links so you don’t want to be doing that now haven’t even been replying to this guy.

I’m sure he’s a great person. I’m not picking on him in particular.

It’s just because he is sending me spam.

That’s the problem with sending spam is that most people won’t reply.

And the reason why people do it typically is because that’s what we think we see out there in the world.

When walking around, you see billboard, you see ads on the sides of bus stops and you see things on the sides of buildings and you
see big screens and you see ads all over the place, right?

So that you’re basically bombarded by these ads that you’re not really asking for and spamming and sending a message to your friend
seems similar.

It seems like that’s what’s happening in the real world.

Why can’t I do that here?


So just remember, people don’t like to be spammed.

Like when you’re walking down the street, see all these billboards, you’re not really.. Oh my God, look at that billboard!

You’re not, you’re in your life.

You’re going to want whatever.

Maybe you see it.

But the thing is that in your social media environment, you expect to be in control.

You expect to be not bombarded by stuff.

So if somebody sends you spam, you’re typically not going to reply and the other reason why people do that is because they think it’s
all about numbers.

So I am going to spam like a hundred people. May be one person is going to look at my message.

And if I spam a thousand people, eventually get people to sign up.

Well, maybe that’s true.

But the social media platform don’t like you doing that.

So if you do that too much, you’re going to get blocked anyways, and you’re going to get a bad reputation.

So really, don’t do that.

What you really need to be doing is having conversations with people, building rapport and all these things.

We’re not going to cover that in this video, but I’m just saying there’s other ways to communicate with people and send them your links.

It’s not spamming.

So that’s the first one.

The second one is be public.

Don’t be private.

You can’t be private.

When you look at my timeline, you see that everything I post is public.

Everything has to be public.

And the reason why it has to be public is because you’re building a business online.

If you’re private, if you’re just two friends only then you know anybody who doesn’t know you was not already a friend or not even to be able to see your content.

They’re not going to be able to see like this video I’m doing.

I mean, sure it’s great that my friends see that I got four thousand some friends.

But what about the people that aren’t my friends, you know see my video maybe I shared in a group or something and they see that they
see if they can’t even watch it because it’s not a public post, right?

So it has to be public for people to see your stuff.

You’re in business.

If you had a store on the street, would you cover it all up so nobody can see it?

Unless they walked in the door.

Unless they had an invitation.

No, you would have it open.

You have billboard.

You have your sign up there.

You would have the windows all open to a look and you got to be public.

You can’t be private.

That’s not going to work if you’re building a business online.

So number 3.. I was going through in this group here.

I see lots of pictures, lots of profile pictures that are just images.

Images or text or maybe a two people in there and that kind of stuff so I mean when you look at, it as a couple.

If I go to this profile here.. I guess this person is trying to sell me Bitcoins.

Or it sell me to join something whatever but I don’t know who they are.

I don’t know if I should trust him or not.

This person got a picture of an angel with a heart.

I mean, I guess the person likes that but I mean, I don’t know who they are.

Why would I do business with them?

This Valerie has a picture of I guess her and her husband.

I mean, maybe it’s sentimental to her.

But the thing is in this case, it’s a woman’s name.

It’s pretty obvious that she’s the one in the picture, but maybe not.

Maybe if you look at somebody like Carol Haney, there are two pictures.

How do I know that the which one of the two is Carol?

Cuz Carol is a unisex name, right?

So you going to have a picture of yourself in your profile.

So people know who you are and make sure you have that in your profile.

The same as this one here. The text as a profile picture, that’s not going to work.

If you’re trying to build a business online, you want to have a specific picture of you.

Have themselves as the profile picture.

So you know who they are when they’re sending a message, when you’re looking at their posts, when you’re looking at their messages and or comments on posts in groups,

You know that they’re a person.

That’s what they look like.

Maybe you want to connect with them and people just like to know if you’re walking on the streets and not wearing a mask.

You people can see the same thing with social media.

And finally, don’t post your product or links in your news feed.

So this David fella, right?

He’s doing Bitcoins or cryptocurrency kind of stuff.

So when you look at his profile, all you see is post about his business.

With links to his business.

And you know, maybe this thing is great, vitae, whatever it is, right?

Maybe it’s fantastic.

But the thing is that now I see it on his profile, I can actually Google it and then go find people.

Maybe I should start watching videos on YouTube about this business and I connect with somebody else who was doing videos on it and I end up connecting with that other person.

And you don’t want that.

You don’t want people to be seeing your stuff and connecting with somebody else.

You want them to connect with you.

So if you’re posting your product, your business, your services, you’re putting pictures or links on your timeline, they’re gonna be able to find those businesses.

So don’t do that, alright?

Hopefully, you got some value from this and if you think anybody needs to hear this message and please go ahead and share.

I’m sure they’d appreciate it and I would, too.

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