Hey, my friend! So do you sometimes wonder what does it mean to be social?

Social media is all about being social.

What does it mean to be social n social media?

You probably know what being social means but maybe you’re just not clear to what it means on social media.

Today, we’re going to talk about being social on social media and what does that mean?

So first of all, being social in the real world if you think about it, if you remember what you’ve been taught as a kid.

Remember what you heard in school or whatever being social is about being part of a group

Being included, having conversations with people, responding when they talk to you, being a person who cares about what others think, being a person who’s interested in what others are talking about, just generally being a person that’s nice.

Somebody who people like talking to.

Somebody who people like interacting with.

So it’s about being liked, it’s about being likeable about liking others, about giving others what they want which is about others liking them.

And being involved and being like included.

All that is about what is being social.

Social outside of social media, right?

In the real world, if you go to barbecue and you’re going around and talking to people and you don’t even know anybody but you go over there and
introduce yourself, you’re being social.

You’re talking to others.

You’re not just staying in your corner and not talking anybody and not going to see anybody and then people see you in a corner and you’re
maybe on your fall and you’re playing around on the phone.

People aren’t even gonna go see you because you’re not being social.

So that’s what being social is in the real world.

So how does that compare with social media?

So let me just show you.

I show you my Facebook. I have posts from my family.

I have posts that I post things.

So what does it mean to be social on social media?

Well, it means to be interested in what other people are doing, caring what they say, caring what’s going on in their life,you know, noticing them and then being able to talk to you, being able to notice you.

So if you’re on social media and you’re not posting anything, you’re not being social because you’re not posting anything.

You’re not letting people know who you are and what you’re about.

So being social, that’s one thing.

First of all, you’ve got to be posting.

It doesn’t mean you post every single day to be social.

If you’re trying to build a business, there’s strategies.

We should be posting every day but just to be social you should be posting.

A couple of times a week or something like that.

Posting pictures of what’s going on.

Like me, I’m posting about my weight loss.

I’m posting it but of course I have these videos that I post.

There’s my family, my wife post pictures, my girls and there’s different things I post.

Like I said,I post videos. There’s a lot of videos here.

There’s some more pictures my daughters then posts of my results.

Like on Instagram, how many followers I have.

It’s all about letting people know who you are, what you’re about and of course when we look at, say for example, the the intro here
and we look at the list of jobs I have.

We look at the different accounts.

I have different websites.

That’s all about being noticed and people being able to see who you are, what you’re about.

That’s number one, right?

Number two is when you go to the news feed.

You’re gonna go look through the feed once in a while.

Go and scroll and not do anything then maybe you’re gonna ike a few things.

So that’s like the equivalent of being in a barbecue.

I’m going to talk to people. I’m going to say, hey I liked that shirt or hey I like your hair. When did you get your hair done?

Same thing here. You’re liking pictures. You’re liking posts. You’re commenting on them.

Post a comment and that’s part of being social.

You’re interacting and posting comments.

The thing you have to realize is that social media wants you to be social so if you’re not being social then you’re not gonna see or people
aren’t gonna see your stuff so there’s a reciprocity thing going on social media.

The more you do that, others want the more they’re gonna do what you want.

If you like a bunch of posts then people are going to start liking your post.

If you’re just looking at the news feed and not doing anything then your stuff isn’t gonna be seen by other people.

That’s another thing that happens on social media especially Facebook.

Anyways, the other platforms are similar but we’re talking Facebook here.

My timeline is the people that I routinely see because I comment on their stuff or I like their stuff.

These are the people that I normally see on my news feed because I’m regularly engaging with those people so I’m gonna see their posts.

The same is they’re gonna see my post because I’m liking and commenting on their stuff so that’s the reciprocity that happens on Facebook.

Now, if you want to increase that, if you want to improve that reciprocity then there’s a couple of things you can do.

First, you can go to your page and then click on your friends, it’ll show you your friend list, right?

And then I’m not a 100% sure how this works but it seems to me that the top people on your friend list are the ones that your regularly engaging with, that you’re seeing all the time and they’re showing in your newsfeed and they’re seeing your stuff.

So what you want to do is you want to scroll down here.

You can scroll with your mouse here or press the end key on your keyboard, it’ll go to the bottom of the list.

Now, I got 4100 friends or so.

I mean to get to the bottom of the list,it  would be totally insane but if I go here then I can just go to these like say, I go to this friend.

One of the things I do is I just control click which you can do.

Click and or if you navigate then you lose your list.

So I just Ctrl click here and do 6 of them here and as you can see up top, it’s loading up new frames or tabs for each of them so I just go to
each of them and I can do that every day.

You know, I’m actually having my VA do that but that’s the same thing.

You would go through here and you would just like and comment.

Maybe two or three posts cuz you don’t want to overdo it.

You gotta be careful. If you overdo it on Facebook, you’re gonna end up being in jail.

Facebook jail means that they don’t let you do certain things.

You’re blocked from certain actions. Even your like button can be disabled.

Your ability to comment on post can be disabled. The ability to post in groups can be disabled. Send message.

I mean, they do all these different kinds of things.

They control these things and obviously, I prefer commenting on a real post versus a share.

You just go through and you go through the different ones that you select it from your list of friends so that’s one thing you can do.

So every single day, go through your friend list. Go find friends near the bottom of the list or lower to the bottom of the list because they’re either less active or they haven’t seen your stuff in a while and what will happen is that over time, they’re gonna see more.

More of your friends are gonna start to see your posts.

There’s a rotation that happens and all that but that’s one of the things.

So that’s one thing.

The other thing you can do is again, it’s the same thing.

It’s you go to your profile and then you go in groups.

Go into groups and I have no idea how the groups are sorted how Facebook decides to sort them. I don’t know if its has to do with number activities or whether you’ve been to the group.

I don’t know but you do the same thing.

Select some groups and open them in a new tab and you just go to that tab and like or comment on two or three posts in each of the groups and
that increases your engagement towards just random people because usually in these groups depending on the kinds of groups you’re part of, there are people that you don’t even know.

They’re probably just not necessarily people. They’re spam groups.

It could be just regular people but still if you like and comment on their post, they might go and check your profile.

They might send your friend requests. They might start liking your stuff.

It’s all about being social.

Going out there and commenting and liking and noticing and caring what others are posting about.

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I’m sure they’d appreciate it and I would, too.

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