Hey, how is it going? Do you sometimes wonder what is this course income secrets all about?

This is an introduction to what course incomeBsecrets is all about and what you can learn and why you want to tune in.

Why you want to listen to? What you want to watch the post? Be part of the community, right?

So we’re going to talk about exactly what course income secrets is about, right?

It’s about showing you, teaching you the different things that have to do with course secrets and that is of course, income

It’s all about learning course, the e-learning boom, right?

In my intros, I basically ask people. I say “the real question is this”.

How do you learn the strategies, tools and techniques?

What are the strategies, tools and techniques that you need to learn to generate residual income from the e-learning boom that’s happening right now?

And that’s the truth, that’s what’s happening right now?

If you talked to all the leaders like Wayne or Chuck, or  if you talked to Eric Worre or Tony Robbins.

Anyways, there’s a ton of them that if you talk to them, they’re gonna tell you that learning online is a big industry. It’s growing.

They’re going to tell you that the the traditional education system is is having trouble.

They’re going to tell you that there’s big money to be made in the e-learning market, right?

And that doesn’t mean you have to create a course.

And that’s what course income secrets is about.

Because I didn’t want to make it all about just course creation because there’s lots of people out there teaching course creation, you know.

And of course, if you create courses and you make good courses and you can get some decent income from that but I wanted to talk about everything around course course creation.

You know, maybe you can you can have a service for course creators.

You can show them you can do thumbnails for them. Maybe you can do a review of text.

Maybe you can give them some some suggestions on what’s best for their students, right?

There’s all sorts of different things that you can do to benefit from the e-learning boom and that’s what I wanted the course income secrets to be about.

So it’s it’s about learning the tools that exist out there that you can use to benefit from the e-learning like auto-responders.

And learning how to use social media to grow an audience and why is it important to grow an audience.

How to get them to know, like and trust you?

How to get them to buy from you?

Whether it’s buying your own courses or buying courses from others, right?

So there’s the tools, right? And then of course, there’s the strategies.

Is it a good idea to post links to your courses right on your Facebook?

Is that a good strategy?

That’s a bad strategy.

That’s one of the bad examples but you’re gonna learn the strategies.

You’re gonna learn what’s the best way to get people to buy your course if you’re just going to be using Facebook, right?

You’re gonna learn about the Facebook strategies, Twitter strategy, YouTube strategies, LinkedIn strategies even SnapChat so those are strategies.

How do you want to use these tools?

Tools or different social media platforms strategies is how to use a particular platform in the best way to generate leads and get sales and that kind of stuff, right?

And you’re gonna learn the practices everything around generating residual income.

I want it to be about a residual income.

I don’t want you to go out there and have to spend four hours to get one sale on one course.

I want you to find ways where you can generate residual income so that means automation, that means membership site, that means affiliate programs
that’s gonna be part of that you make a certain amount every single month.

Those are residual income and it could be your course and putting together ads that generate continuous income from that one course.

That’s a possibility as well but that’s still going to be around the ability to make it residual.

So that’s what course income secrets is all about.

I hope you find this useful and that you’re going to be a fan and you’re gonna follow and share the videos and podcast.

Go and follow the social accounts.

That would be fantastic and of course, share this video.

If you think anybody needs to hear this message, I’m sure they’d appreciate it and I would, too.

Have yourself a great day.

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