Hey, my friend! So do you want to get that sale?

You know just get that sale. That first sale. That second sale.

That sale for that for that X customer but you want to get that sale.

How do you get the sale that you’ve been wanting, right? So how do you do that?

So how do you get that sale?

There’s three things that you really need to master, to decide, to put in place to get that sale, right?

And I’m not saying it’s easy.

I’m not saying it doesn’t take time to put those things in place to make it happen but it is simple, right?

It really is that simple depending on whether you know you already have some of the things in place that makes the difference of two or three.

I want to tell you what these three things are.

And you know when I started out in entrepreneurship when I was in my 20’s, I would present my thing.

I sold kitchen appliances. I sold vacuum cleaners. I sold cleaning products.

I did sales jobs or commission-based jobs.

And I would show this thing to my sister and she would buy them all.

She’s got them and these are things that were high quality.

My sister still has the same kitchen set that she bought that time like the vacuum cleaner

Those were things that lasted so she liked them, she bought them.

It wasn’t just because I was his brother.

She liked the products and she thought they were great.

Now I’m not saying that that’s the only thing you need of course but here’s the thing.

So what are these three things I’m talking about, right?

First of all, you have to have somebody that’s gonna be available or willing to buy.

So that’s that’s where we talk about building your audience, growing an audience, having an audience, having a target market, choosing to to build an audience around your target market.

People who are interested in what you have to sell, right?

So you have to have somebody ready to buy, right?

You can’t just sell anything to anybody.

It has to be somebody who’s actually interested in what you have, right?

So it doesn’t matter what your product is.

What’s important is that you’re presenting it to an audience that’s interested so that’s number one, right?

You have to have somebody that’s interested in buying it.

In my case, it was my sister. She loves me. She’s my sister. She liked everything about me. She was willing to listen to me. All this.

That’s not exactly what I’m talking about.

So you gotta have an audience that’s interested in your product.

Say you’re in Kryptos. Well, there’s no sense in talking to people who think Kryptos as a scam.

That’s not of any use, right?

So you got to find people who are interested in that before you pitch or talk them about your product.

So that’s number one. You have to have somebody who’s interested in your product.

Your target market, your audience, you have to have them in that interested in what you have to sell, right?

Number two, you’ve got to decide what product you want to sell.

Let it said that you you’re ready to sell it.

You’ve got to have a product, right?

That means that if you have that, if you don’t have a pro and like you obviously, if you’re studying a business, you’re starting a company, you’re in a network marketing company or those kinds of things, you have a product.

They sell a product or maybe it’s the opportunity or maybe it’s one of their flagship products or anything like that but you have to have a product.

You have to have something that’s available.

Something somebody can buy.

Somebody is able to go through the buying process and you have to decide that it’s the product you want to sell.

You have to decide that you trust the product, the company, that you like the product.

All these things, right?

So number one, you have to have somebody that’s willing to buy, ready to buy.

Number two, you have to have a product that that you believe in and that you’re ready to sell, right?

And number three is you have to ask for the sale.

You have to ask somebody if they’re interested in buying.

You can’t just be sending them links on Facebook and just spamming them your opportunity and you just saying, hey I’m doing this thing or whatever.

That’s not asking. Asking is getting into a conversation.

You know finding out what their plans are.

Figuring out what they need and then ask them, hey you know I have something that you just told me you had this problem.

That problem whatever and I have something that actually could help with that.

Would you be interested in knowing about it?

Would you be interested in in buying it?

It’s it’s 20 bucks.

It’s 40 bucks.

It’s 50 bucks.

Would that be of interest to you?

So I’m gonna do a little experiment right here right now with you.

So I’ve been putting together a website, right?

And I have courses on there and I have a course that’s $20.

Just 20 bucks, right?

And it’s all about building your audience and your connections on LinkedIn.

Now I’m gonna ask you a couple of things.

First, I’m gonna ask you, are you interested in buying this product?

That’s awesome.

I’m gonna put the link in a comment here.

Check that course out so now I’m not just saying please go look at it if you’re willing to buy it.

I need a couple of things from you which would be really really awesome.

It would really help and it would allow me to show results in our future video, right?

So you go to that link.

You look at it and you decide whether you want to buy it.

And tell me why you’re not buying it if you’re not.

Because that’s very important for anybody who’s trying to build a product, trying to figure out whether it’s something that people want or not.

We need to know why you’re not buying it if you’re not.

Now if you’re my target market – online marketers who’s building the personal brand, who’s trying to grow their connections and that’s you.

This is a course that I put together.

Like I said, it’s only 20 bucks.

I put this together just to kind of show you how to grow your connections on LinkedIn.

Now, there’s a lot of similarities with other social media platform.

So if you’re looking to build your audience and at the same time help me to gauge what I need to do next to get those next sales, right?

I would love for you to go there.

Go to that link. I’m gonna put it in the comments.

If you don’t see the link, just go ahead and and comment, where’s the link.

That would be great and go check that out and look at it.

If it’s awesome, buy it. Just click the button to buy it.

But if you’re not gonna buy it, let me know why.

I really love to know why you wouldn’t buy it.

Maybe it’s because of the wording I have there. Maybe it’s not clear.

Maybe you don’t like that particular topic or whatever it is but that’s gonna help me.

And it’s gonna help you and everybody else in my audience to figure things out, to improve things.

So please go in that link.  If the link’s not there, please go send me a message.

I’ll send you the link and we’ll see you in next video.

Have yourself a great day.

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