Hey, so how’s it going?

When do you think it’s time to call it quits?

When should you give up on whatever you’re working on right now?

You know what you’re trying to sell anything trying to build a business.

When is it time for you to give up and call it quits?

One of the things that you have to realize is that when you’re thinking about quitting.

You’re also telling everybody around you that what you did was not right.

Now I’m not saying you can’t do that.

There are times where you have to make the decision to just start over do something else, you know, call it quits because you just made a wrong decision and that’s part of being an entrepreneur.

Part of being an entrepreneur is learning from your mistakes and not giving up on the final outcome.

Now, of course, your final outcome is going to be you know, your own outcome.

Most people there looking for in a freedom. From freedom from jobs, freedom from bills, freedom from from location, right?

We’re looking at what it takes to be free free from you know those normal things that everybody thinks is just part of life, right?

As an entrepreneur, we believe that there are better ways to do things, right?

So you got to keep going towards that.

Now when I say quit, I just mean if you want to give up a business or an and you want to go to another business, you want to switch businesses.

You’re going to change how your marketing like me with Marketing Online.

I’m doing something that I’ve been doing for a while, but I’ve changed things a little bit here and there but, you know quitting one thing and doing another thing but it’s kind of the same thing, right?

But the thing is that I’m so how do you how do you know whether it’s time to to change or to quit to go to the next thing, right?

Well, first of all, it’s going to be your gut feeling right?

If you can’t if you can’t decide by your own feelings, by your own instincts and you’re just basing it on the amount of people that are telling you that you’re doing something wrong, that you doing the wrong thing., that’s not a good way of doing it because I have to tell you.

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing.

You’re going to find people out there that are going to tell you that what you’re doing is great.

That what you’re doing is the best thing.

That what you’re doing works, but what you’re doing is going to is going to happen.

If you just keep going and you don’t quit right just like in MLM company I was in before.

The company that has events four times a year. They have these massive meetups with like 15,000-20,000 people in these Arenas across the U.S.

And I went there for 2 years to those events.

And you know, I they they teach that if you keep going to the events are eventually going to succeed right and it’s true.

But you have to be the kind of person that you know wants to do those kinds of things and I just wasn’t.

It just wasn’t for me, but I didn’t want to call it quits because there was so many people around me that in that business, in that company that you know told me that it’s awesome and you know, they’re having success.

So of course I could have success if I did the same thing they did, right?

But I just found that it wasn’t for me. So eventually I call it quits.

I just decided I’m going to go do something else.

So, you know and I’m doing other things but the thing is that when you want to choose whether you should quit, you got to think to yourself just be you, right?

Think about you how you would be and of course, got to you got to get the opinion of people who think it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

You can’t just decide on the people that are telling you that it’s not good.

That it’s not going to work cuz you know what out of 100 people, 90 or going to tell you something to work and only 10 are going to tell you if it might work.

Probably 5 are going to tell you it’s going to work, right?

So it’s really, there’s there’s this balance, right?

As an entrepreneur, if you don’t know that, which I’m sure you do, you might not be in the business, right?

You might not be made to be an entrepreneur.

Those are things that are just come naturally to a person who’s got the mindset of winning, right?

The mindset of going through all the obstacles, of making it through everything, right?

And that’s what it takes to decide when it’s time to quit, when it when it’s time to quit

And if you got the right mindset, if you got the right thoughts, if you got the right ways of about you, it’s just going to come to you.

Just to keep going until it works and never quit, right?

I certainly believe in that too.

But there’s a difference between never quitting on your dreams, never quitting on your vision.

Never quitting on what you want to accomplish in life versus not quitting on one particular product, the one particular company, one particular marketing strategy or one particular social media platform.

I’ve been doing videos on Snapchat for almost four years now like every single day and you know Snapchat is cool and all from my perspective because I’ve been doing it for so long, but I’m getting like almost no views now.

I don’t know if it’s because my content isn’t good for my audience or for the people that are my friends or if it’s just a platform that’s dying or you know what it is.

But maybe I need to quit Snapchat.

I don’t know you tell me.

What do you think?

Should I keep going on Snapchat?

Should I keep going on Facebook Stories?

Because Facebook Stories, I’m getting almost no views same but I’m getting a lot of views on Instagram and I’m getting views on my YouTube channel.

I’m getting views on my Facebook lives.

So that’s the thing. right? It depends what you’re trying to accomplish but yes, don’t ever quit on your dream.

Don’t ever quit on your vision.

Just keep going towards that but adjust what you’re doing – the strategies or tools or the platforms.

If you’re selling courses, you know, maybe you you redo your course a little bit right?

But just keep going on the vision.

You can quit on the little things but not on the big thing.

At least I don’t think you should. I know you have greatness in you and you’re going to make it to the top.

You just have to keep going and adjust as you go.

And if you think anybody else needs to hear this message, and please go ahead and share.

I’d really appreciate it and they would, too.


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