Do you want to know how to make learning profitable?

How can you get some profits out of building a business online? Out of learning things?

There’s a bunch of different ways. You can do it really the hard way or easy way.

Both of those have benefits and disadvantages obviously.

Course Income Secrets and talking about digital course strategies.

We’re talking about courses, right?

Digital courses learning and that’s what I’m kind of referring to when I talk about learning.

I’m going to talk about learning. I’m talking about digital courses, online courses, ability to learn from online courses.

You could create a course and sell that course and if you had a successful course, you did the marketing right, you could actually generate some really good income from that.

That’s certainly a great thing to actually go out there and create a course and build a course but what about the learning?

What if you’re not a teacher?

You don’t want to really teach anything but you love learning things or at least there’s topics out there that will have an interest that you’ll be interested in that.

You’ll want to learn and how do you make that learning experience?

You’re learning things.

I’m not talking about learning something to that explains how to make money like you’re following me, you’re following these episodes, you’re hearing
things, you’re learning some things from me or maybe from other mentors or other entrepreneurs out there.

You’re learning things that you’re going to put in practice that eventually you’re going to build a business from, right?

But that’s not what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about just learning like as a student. You’re a student. You’re learning.

How do you make that profitable?

How do you make that into an income generating activity?

Now, there’s a few different ways but the best way that I found or at least the way that I read that I personally like is how you can promote the courses that you’re learning and the platforms you’re learning on, right?

So all the platforms out there have similar or they have some you abilities for you to generate some income from referring or selling courses like they have affiliate programs.

Teachers that create courses online usually have commission. A percentage of the sale.

If you find a client for them and that person ends up buying the course and you get a commission from that.

There’s platforms that also have the ability to promote the platform itself and for you to get an income from somebody who signs up on that platform.

And that’s one of the things I’m doing with clickecourse, I would make sure that anybody who wants to promote the platform does it because they’re getting something out of it.

Building this platform and building this this community around it is I want some something out of it but I’m not gonna get anything out of it if I’m not giving back.

If I’m not giving back and giving away like 75% of the fees that are paid for example, that’s a lot of it, right?

And the reason is because I know that doesn’t matter how hard I work at it, if I don’t get other people excited about it and I don’t get other people
talking about it, it’s not gonna be a business, right?

So giving away 75% of the fees like for example, somebody’s paying 20 bucks a month or 50 bucks a month.

They’re hundred bucks a month. You get 75% of that.

75% of that goes to you so that’s one way you promote a platform.

You get a huge commission out of it and you can generate an income from that, right?

So I mean, just imagine finding three, four authors that want to create courses that want to post their courses on the platform and you
found them so you’re gonna get..

I don’t know. It depends, right?

A hundred, two hundred bucks a month or something.

That’s pretty cool to be able to do that, right?

The other way to generate income is to put another way to make learning profitable is to promote the courses.

On clickecourse, the way we’re doing it is we’re gonna allow the authors to choose how much of the course cost is going to be given away as commissions are one of the things that I’m gonna do and I’m going to promote that for others.

Anybody who puts a course on there, I’m gonna suggest that they give away a 100% of the commission because when you’re building a business online, what you’re really after is a client, is a customer, is a lead.

Somebody you can nurture and you can eventually potentially you know, sell other things to.

Generate more income. That is how it works, right?

How do you generate a lead?

You go out there and spend money on advertising or spend a lot of time or the math but if the other way is you have somebody else promote your product, promote your course.

If your course is really that good, somebody’s gonna want to talk about it.

Somebody’s gonna want to say, hey I listened to this course. I bought this course. It was awesome. I learned so much. You should go check it out.

Here’s the link, right? And then they have a link which allows them to let allows you. to get up to a 100% commission on the actual course.

Those are two of the ways to make learning profitable.

If you buy a course and you like that course, wouldn’t you love to be able to tell your friends about it?

And if they bought it, don’t you think you should be getting some benefit from it?

Not just a thanks. Business should work where it’s a win-win, right?

The business, the author gets a new client, gets a a new student even though they made $0 from getting that new client.

They have this new client. Chances are it’s gonna be client for life.

If the course is good, they’re gonna want to buy the next course or maybe get some training from the person or anything.

Because they liked the person. They liked the course. They liked the content. So that’s why they’re willing to give away a 100% of the commission on their course to get that customer for future sales, right?

Then you get the benefit of the commission by promoting that course that you love, that you learn from and you tell your friends about it that you get the commission from it.

If anybody asks you don’t have to, there’s ways to do that you don’t want to be like spamming the link to the course.

You want to be just saying, hey I listen to this awesome course. I learned this and this was so cool.

Let me know if you want to know more and then you have conversation with people and then you tell them, if you want the course I can send you a link.

You can search for it but if you want to support me, here’s my link.

Alright, so hopefully you enjoyed this and if you know anybody you think that needs to hear this message and please go ahead and share.

I’m sure they’d appreciate it and I would, too.

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