How to make learning social?

I’m sure you can come up with a bunch of ideas, a bunch of ways you can do that but I just want to talk about something specifics.

If you’re trying to create a course or you want to create a course or you want to be in the e-learning space right now, that’s one of the things that’s going on is the e-learning is it’s booming, right?

Being social means to connect. To interact. To be around other people.

In the days of our grandparents and even in the days of your parents just 20-30 years ago before the internet being, social was just all about going out.

Meeting people, going to dances, going to church, going to events, you know, going into a mall where everybody’s walking around, where you
talking to people, where you’re maybe meeting up at the the food court, you’re just having a conversation with friends and going out to bars or

It was going out where there were people.

That’s what being social has always been about.

Today, it still is that, right?

But how do you make learning social while learning social of course, can be about going to college where you have a class, where you’re sitting in a classroom, where you’re all listening to the teacher and you’re all together and you have conversations and you have projects where you get to know
each other a little bit and then you’re working together.

That’s being social. In the learning space, if you will. In the real world.

But what about online?

How do you make learning social online if you’re gonna be creating a course or maybe you’re taking a course and you’re wanting to make it social?

How do you make that social?

You could share it on Facebook.

You create groups on Facebook and LinkedIn and just kind of invite your people that are taking the course to go in there and connect with each other there and whatever but what if the platform were to allow you to make it social there?

In the platform, you’re taking the course, you can see what others are saying.

You can see what they’re asking.

You can see what the teacher is answering if you’re taking the course if you’re the student, right?

If you’re the teacher, you want to engage your students.

It’s okay that you have to go to Facebook to create a group and engage them there, right?

That’s okay but what if the platform was built for that?

That’s one of the things I’m talking about in Click eCourse.

I’m building it as a social learning platform where you can generate profits and income from promoting courses and selling.

All that stuff I’ve talked about before but it’s basically a platform that’s gonna be a social platform, a social learning platform on every topic you can

Whatever topic is there. Whatever you’re interested in, there’s gonna be courses on there that you’ll be able to take, you’ll be able to buy.

They’re gonna be free courses but it’s all gonna be around a social environment where you can interact with the other students, where you can turn
with a teacher, where people know who’s there, who’s not there.

Because it’s online, you’re gonna be able to have a private if you want to throw a be completely that’s fine but the thing is that it’ll be there to promote the social side of things so that you don’t feel alone.

You don’t feel like you’re the only one who maybe has a certain question.

You don’t feel like you’re the only one that’s taking the course that your teacher is there and is listening and hears you, right?

So that’s what it’s all gonna be about.

It’s gonna be about being social in a learning platform so I hope that’s something that you’re gonna find really exciting.

I’m certainly excited about building it.

I’m hoping that you’re gonna find it exciting to use and you’re gonna be interested in seeing what that means by being social.

What do I mean by that? And how it’s all gonna work but just think of something like Facebook where everybody’s interacting.

It’s all social. People are out there. It’s all social but they’re not tied to a specific thing, right?

But whereas with a learning platform, it’s all going to be about learning, about teaching but being social while you do it.

Alright, hopefully you enjoyed this message and if you think anybody else needs to hear then please go ahead and share.

I’m sure they’d appreciate it and I would, too.


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