What is a blue ocean?

A blue ocean and a red ocean.

What does it mean to have a blue ocean strategy?

And why it matters?

I’m actually listening to this new audio book.

Just gonna share this on my timeline.

I’m just listening to this this new audio book called Blue Ocean Strategy.

So a blue ocean strategy is all about finding a new way of building your business, promoting your product, promoting your company, promoting your courses and it’s all about trying to think outside the box versus just going like going and doing what your competition is doing.

Trying to beat your competition on a better product or a lower priced product or being a nicer salesperson.

I’m not an expert. I’m still just learning. I know halfway through this book.

The audio I’m talking about is by Chan Kim and the Renee Mauborgne.

It’s a pretty good book.

It is good enough and awesome. Good listen.

The only thing I find about it is that they seem to repeat themselves quite a bit which sometimes is good.

You’ll hear a topic in a chapter and then later on in another chapter, it seems like they’re just saying the exact same thing.

Sometimes that’s good, right?

The more you hear the same thing, the better it is.

So what is a blue ocean strategy?

Blue ocean strategy is all about finding a different way of looking at your product, at your service, at your course as to what is it, who is it that
would maybe buy it that’s not even in your target market but that would be interested in something that your product or service gives them

When I first heard about this from Russell Brunson in his books, DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets, he talks about the blue ocean strategies.

He talks about building yourself a blue ocean.

Creating yourself a new product, a new market.

But he doesn’t really talk about how to come about this.

What are the steps that you need to go through?

And this book really talks about that.

It talks about the steps. Like I said, I’m only halfway through.

I’ll have to listen to it more and you listen to it probably another two or three times before I actually have a good grasp on it.

It’s great to create a blue ocean but how do you do that, right?

The difference between the blue ocean and a red ocean.

Red ocean – just imagine you’re selling chocolate bars and there’s 20 other companies selling chocolate bars and they’re all selling to the same demographic, the same market.

People who like sweets and people who buy the chocolate bars and the kind of people that do that I buy some sometimes.

It’s kind of a defined market, right?

So that what happens is that you start selling your chocolate bars and you’re gonna try to sell to this exact same market.

That’s our red ocean because you’re going to be jumping in with all those other companies.

You’re going to be competing. You’re not gonna be fighting.

It’s like a war where you’re in the water and the two teams or the ten teams are fighting at each other and they eventually get bloody and that’s why the water gets red.

That’s why they call it a red ocean because of the blood of the competition of everybody fighting against each other and just in the same place.

And the bigger the competitors, the more competitors there are, the more there are in the water, the faster the water gets red and that’s what our red oceans all about.

A blue ocean is you find another market.

Say for example, your chocolate bar. You’re gonna be like, Oh my God. This is gonna be a chocolate bar that’s gonna make you, you know fall asleep faster and it’s gonna give you this. It’s gonna make you lose weight overnight. So it tastes just as good as all the other chocolate bars but it’s gonna make you lose weight.

So that’s a different demographic.

Maybe a stupid example because everybody who eats chocolate bar probably wants to stop eating them and lose weight and all this.

It’s all pretty common but I’m just saying instead of catering to the people to tell them, Oh my God. This is so awesome. It’s gonna give you a sugar rush. It’s gonna feel so good. You’re not gonna be hungry for an hour. And not talk about how you gain weight.

Talk about losing weight. We talk about sleeping better and this is the chocolate bar that I’m gonna be making and it’s the same chocolate bar.

I’m just saying you create this new opportunity to this new target market that’s not even buying.

That’s not even the people that are buying the chocolate bars. It’s other people maybe.

And it’s helping them with whatever it is.

And then, it’s a new target market.

A new blue ocean that means that those people that would not even buy chocolate bars are gonna buy yours so they’re not even in that other market.

So that’s what a blue ocean is.

You find a way to sell it and like in the book, they talk about how Cisco did things to change what people think, routers are for and all these things.

And how Apple changed from being a phone to a smart phone when it came out.

How it became the mp3 player.

Anyways, he talks about how bunch of different companies that invented new markets by thinking outside the box.

For example, movie theaters instead of competing the price or competing about bigger movie theaters or bigger or more movies at the same time or better popcorn or whatever it is, this movie theater decided to set up daycare so that families instead of having to find a babysitter, they could just bring their kids and their kids could be entertained for an hour to two or three hours while you’re at the movie theater.

So that really changed the industry of movie theater going.

People started going because they had a way of getting their kids babysat easily versus people who weren’t even gone because they couldn’t get babysitters.

That’s a new blue ocean, right?

A new way of attracting people into your product, your service, your market, your course.

That’s what a blue ocean strategy is.

It’s talking about finding customers outside of your typical, outside the competition.

Don’t look at the competition. Look at the future. Think of the future.

Think of where you’re going, your vision not necessarily your competition and what they’re doing.

Just look outside the box.

That’s the Blue Ocean Strategy.

Alright, so I hope you enjoyed this message and if you think anybody else needs to hear then please go ahead and share.

I’m sure they’d appreciate it and I would, too.

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