What does being social mean to you?

Comment, send me a message. Let’s have a conversation. Let me know what does being social mean to you.

So, I’ve been building a course – a course hosting site.

A site where you can upload courses or you can put course videos up, files and audios and put quizzes in there and set up as modules and just like there’s tons of different sites out there that let you create courses, right?

I’m not even gonna name them, you can google them. You can find them. I’m sure you already know which ones they are if you’re already into course creation.

If you’re interested in learning how to create courses then of course, you know some of these sites already.

Why would I be creating a new site?

One of the reasons I want to do that is because I want to have my own creation.

I want to be a creator. I’m a developer.

I like to build things so I want to build something and I want to make it so that it’s profitable for you.

So that you can benefit from it.

Of course, I’m gonna make something out of it but it’s not really about that.

If I can’t help anybody to generate income from digital courses, that sites not gonna be worth anything.

If there’s nobody that gets any results, if you don’t get any results then there’s no sense in building it.

One of the things is I could just be using other sites and showing people how to create courses, how to creates like your topics, how to put together things just like that like anywhere else.

And the thing is that it’s just me.

I need to be creating things so that’s why I’m doing the site but the thing is I want this site to be different.

I want to have a unique difference. A unique perspective from what other sites have out there.

Anything you created and you think new, you create has to have some uniqueness to it.

You gotta have a unique selling proposition.

And that’s what they say about courses.

When you’re creating course, your course has to have a unique selling proposition in it.

Even if you create another course on social media, prospecting or on online marketing or on personal branding or on Facebook Ads.

It doesn’t matter whatever topic you choose.

If you create a course, you’re gonna have a unique selling proposition for your course.

It’s got to be unique to your course.

It could be once you have a lots of followers, it could be just that you did it, right.

That could be enough but usually it’s not.

Especially if you’re starting out, you gotta have something unique to it.

It might be something that every other course has but that doesn’t matter.

It becomes the focus of your marketing.

The focus of your capture page. The focus of your first topic in the course.

For example, that becomes your focus. So that unique selling proposition is the thing that people will see first.

If it’s important to them, they’re gonna choose to buy just to send you money for your course whatever and that’s the thing so you gotta have a unique selling proposition.

So for me, for the site, it’s the same thing. I gotta have a unique selling proposition.

A unique reason why you would use this site over other sites even though other sites might have this functionality, this feature.

It’s still important that it’s there. It’s unique.

It’s at the forefront and what I’ve been thinking is this.

Making learning and teaching social and profitable.

Now it’s just on a white piece of paper there.

It’s not really awesome.

I probably need some somebody like you who’s a great graphic artist to give me an example or send it to me.

Send me something that would be so much better in a different look, a different font, a different layout.

I’m looking for help here.

I’m looking for people out there that want to take part in the growth.

You can be the one that made something happen in my story, in the story of the course site.

You can be the one that has ignited things so today, I’m asking you the question of what does being social mean to you?

And the reason I’m asking you this is because that’s one of the things I want the site to be known for.

I want it to be known for being social.

So what does it mean if a website is social.

You can say it’s like Facebook or something but I mean what are the things that you would expect to see on a website and maybe specifically on a course – hosting site.

What would you expect to see there?

If the site said they were social that’s making learning and teaching social, what would you expect to see on the site?

That’s the question from me to you right now.

That I’m wondering what do you think?

I’m looking for your feedback.

What do you think it means to be social when we talk about a website?

Specifically when you talk about the course hosting site.

What would you see on there?

So basically, my Course Income site is under development. There’s like abnews feed, right?

It’s a news feed just kind of like Facebook.

There’s a couple of things that need to be fixed here but you can have images on there. Gonna pictures on there and anybody who rates a course or
comments on a course or ads of course or adds a lesson to a course.

This is my first tab at making it social.

Whereas as people are taking courses and commenting, everybody has a choice to make their comment or post public or not but the basic idea is , you don’t want people to want to make it public.

The different things that people have done – posted their profile pictures, commented on posts, etc.

If I go to this course for example, I can see that people have commented on the course.

Whenever they comment on the course, you can see the comment there.

You can see that they commented something on there and then you can reply.

The layout – the colors and the buttons that are there. The way it’s laid out can all change and it should all change because it really has
look nicer but that’s just to give you an idea of what can be done.

You can comment on a lesson or you can comment on a course and I think that there needs to be a lot more of this ability inside the platform.

Maybe it’s about students being able to message each other or the teacher posting things regularly or having video chats with everybody.

I don’t know.

What does being social mean to you if we think about a course hosting site?

I would love to hear your thoughts. That would really really help me and if you do comment and it ends up being something we do, you’re gonna be part of the story because you’re gonna be in there.

But if you don’t want to be in there, let me know.

But if you comment and we use it, that would be awesome.

So hopefully you got some value from this and if you think anybody else needs to hear this message or if anybody can answer this question and please go ahead and share.

I’m sure they’d appreciate it and I would, too.

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