Do you wonder what is TikTok?

Have you even heard about TikTok?

And why do I talk about TikTok when we’re talking about online courses, right?

One of the things that’s super important whenever you’re building a business online whether it’s to sell courses whether it’s to promote courses whether
it’s to create your own products whether it’s to promote somebody else’s product doesn’t matter if you’re building a business online whether you like it.

Like I said, even if it’s a business like you’ve got a gym and you want to promote your gym where you’ve got a coffee shop or anything like that.

If you’re doing it online, the number one most important thing is to have an audience, to have fans and that translates into fans when you’re
talking about online.

There’s top three things.

You’ve got to build an audience then you have to engage an audience and then that’s when you can get to sell to your audience.

So the top three skills you need to learn over time.

How do you build an audience?

You create content. You got to have content that they’re interested in and that happens on all different platforms and when you think
about a new platform like TikTok which is very more about fun, about music.

There’s these dance skits. There’s all these different things in there that people are posting just talking about themselves like saying where they’re from that kind of stuff.

It’s not the same as Facebook or any other platform and it’s more geared towards short videos kind of like how vine was.

If you’ve ever heard of vine and the thing is that any platform, if you’re marketer is a place where you can build your audience now even if they’re younger.

Even if they’re younger, you got to think of the future.

You got to be thinking planning ahead.

You got to be thinking these 12, 13 year olds, they’re gonna be 18. They’re gonna be 20 someday so if you’re in front of them, if they see you, they’re gonna get to start to know you.

They might follow you. Maybe they won’t but they’ll see you and the only way for somebody to follow you is that they see you enough so being in there, producing content.

So of course, the first thing you want to do is you just want to set up an account so go in TikTok.

Download the app on your phone. Install it on your phone. It’s really simple.

Just go to your Play Store or your Apple Store and you just search for TikTok and install it.

Once you’ve installed it, you can set up an account.

You can just sign in with Google on there and Facebook or you can create an account and once you have an account then you can just go and look at what kind of content people are creating and just get a feel for the app and start watching and following others and things like that.

Of course, you don’t have to create content right away but it’s a good idea to create content as soon as you feel comfortable enough to produce something that’s relevant to the app.

Like most lots of the other apps out there, those social apps, it allows you to share to other platforms.

They actually have a button on there to share the link to Facebook or Instagram but either way, download the video to your phone and you can share it elsewhere too if you want.

Just for the fun of it, I created the silly video of me coming out of a box for Christmas.

You might have seen it on my Facebook. You might have seen it elsewhere cuz I did share it elsewhere just to show that I’m going in there.

I’m an old marketer. I’m still having fun.

I’m still doing things that are fun whether I’m gonna get like puffs followers from that video or not.

I don’t even know yet how the actual build-up of audience works on there.

Playing around with it. Learning it a little bit. Just be careful, right?

Don’t put a ton of energy into this new platform if you’re not getting results on the other platforms.

You really got to be careful. You’re gonna be focusing on one thing.

There’s all this method of building an audience, of building your business online that you really need to watch out for.

Don’t just go jump into something else and stop doing your other activities.

If you don’t have enough time to do both then just create an account. Just look.

Don’t try to do anything else.

At least, once you have an account, you secure your name.

Like for me, I use my name so I doubt there’s somebody else with my name but there could be somebody who decides to create an account with my name.

Just so, I can’t use it or there could be and if your name is more common, maybe somebody else will create an account with your name first and you’ll have to put a number to it or something so there’s all this thing to consider.

Now, should you be focusing on TikTok?

It really depends on your audience.

What kind of audience you’re trying to build?

What’s your product? And whether it makes sense even like Gary Vee.

I was listening to his last book, Crushing It.

In that book, he talks about the TikTok.

And he gives examples of why TikTok is something that somebody could use.

Like they have an example of kids using being allowed to post on a summer camp.

It’s like a reward for the kids so the summer camp has posts and their posts from the kids as long as their parents approve and it allows the
summer camp to be known as the place that kids can post on there and they want to go to that summer camp because that’s the camp that everybody
sees and everybody does.

And there’s this dentist that uses take that to post silly things and then the kids when they see those that dentist, they go see their parents and say, hey this is the dentist. I’d like to go see and that dentist is growing their audience, their customer base that way.

So there’s different things you can do and TikTok is just another place to get to be known.

Of course, it’s not a serious platform like LinkedIn.

So you gotta be willing to be a little silly but if you are then you should go ahead and go and follow me there.

Alright, so I hope you enjoyed this topic and if you think anybody else needs to hear this message then go ahead and share.

I’m sure they’d appreciated it and I would, too.

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