Do you sometimes wonder have you heard about a stack?

What is a stack and why do you care?

Why would you want to use a stack and what is it all about?

The reason I’m talking about this stack is because I’m still listening to Russell Brunson, his Expert Secret book, where he talks about the stack.

The stack slide right?

It’s part of a webinar presentation or a lot of presentation or lots of other places where you’re trying to sell something right?

It’s basically the part of the presentation that has everything that you’re selling including everything you’re giving his bonuses and all that and the reason why it’s important this when Russell explains it as the perfect webinar.

He talks about that it’s the perfect webinar.

What he calls his script, his webinar script where he explains all the different steps in the webinar.

If you’re doing a webinar, you want to be doing it every week for a long time live right?

So you learn the skills. So you get better and better every single week.

You’re gonna want to automate it eventually but you don’t want to automate it too early because you want to be good at all the aspects of it right?

And especially of course, you want to be good at generating sales and getting people to buy your product.

Whatever it is you’re trying to sell. A webinar.

You want to be explaining some aspects of what you’re selling and then when you come to the end where
you’re wanting to give them a call to action to actually order your product, you’re gonna have you know, bonuses right?

You’re not just gonna be selling your product because well, that’s what people expect.

People expect to have extra things.

Not just the product itself.

They expect to have bonuses for being on the webinar.

For watching live or you know, all these different reasons, they expect things on top of whatever the product is.

It could be you know, cheat sheets, lists, checklist.

It could be a PDF explaining the ..

The words sent during the webinar in a PDF. It could be a slide deck, you know that what they saw throughout the webinar.

That the slides that you showed but the thing is that at the end when you’re starting to talk about the product right?

So how do you transition to that?

That’s a separate topic but just you know, you start by saying..

Can I ask you a question? And then you start talking about the product.

Would it be worth this much if this just did this right?

So and the thing is that you want to have a value to your final product not a price right?

You want to say how much your product is worth to them.

Would it be worth to them if they tried to do it on their own?

How much time would have cost them?

How much money would have passed them to build it? To create it?

All the different pieces but the thing is that the stack is the stack slide is the part that should be the very last slide to show them.

The very last thing they see before the webinar is over and the idea is that as you go through the webinar.

Say you have 10 bonuses or let’s just make it less. Let’s say five bonuses.

You got your product and then you got your bonuses right?

So you have bonus number one, you have bonus number two, bonus number three, bonus number four, bonus number five, right?

So whatever those bonuses are, you don’t want to just be showing the slide with the bonus and then the slide with the other bonus and
slide with the other bonus.

You want to be showing a stack slide which shows your product plus bonus one then you talk about bonus one then you want to show a slide that has your product plus bonus one plus bonus two then you talk about bonus two and then you want to have a slide that you know, etc right?

So you add the.. So that the final slide has the product and all five bonuses or ten or 20 or whatever bonus is.

Obviously, you want to have too many.

There’s a number that works and of course, it depends on your needs to your industry so that’s all.

That’s why you need to be doing the webinar multiple times to figure all these things out for your audience, for your niche but that’s the stack slide
and apparently, if you’re not using a stack slide and then you start using it and then even those that have been having success, if they have been
doing good with the stacks, their webinars, they’ve been selling, you know ten twenty percent or whatever it is of their audience and then they add
the stack slide at the end then they change the way they do it and they add that stack slide.

Apparently, if they triple their sales so 300 percent more sales.

You know, they’ve been selling ten percent that you sell them 30 percent of their audience.

That is amazing right?

Definitely worth using a stack slide.

That’s what the stack slide is.

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