Do you wonder what are the top 2 Course Outlines?

How do you organize your course?

How do you put it together?

How do you decide?

It should be separated by what are its sections.

There’s really just two ways that I know of.

What are the top 2 Course Outlines?

The first outline is really the simplest way to do it, right?

So it’s how I started the first course is I did the first well most of the courses I’ve got so far are all using that same basic simple structure right?

Which is just all it is is lessons organizing videos right?

So you do training of some sort and you put together a dozen or six to a dozen videos of five to ten minutes each maybe 15 minutes max kind of thing and you organize them into a sequence of you know, of lessons.

Their lessons are basically lessons.

You teach one little thing then you teach another thing then  you teach another thing and the whole goal of all that of course is that by the end your student knows what you want them to learn right?

So they understand the topic.

They understand why they followed it.

They find that they got value from it.

They learned something and they’re happy about going through the course right?

And the thing with this method of course creation is that it’s very simple so you can even do it by just uploading videos on YouTube and sending links to people every day in an email sequence or you can even put a page together with all the links to every single video in one or even maybe you embed them in there so you got a page with the videos embedded.

It’s very simple and and easy to do and almost anybody who does online videos can easily do that right?

Like I said, you can put on Vimeo.

You can even put them on Facebook and then put them in a group and they’re just sequence of videos that people need to be watching right?

And the thing about that is that because it’s so simple, it’s also so easy for somebody else to to copy them.

It’s also easy for them to not necessarily go in the right sequence and go to the last video before the first one and and not follow along the way that they’re supposed to and maybe they get frustrated because they learn something and then maybe in the first video, there was something in there that they missed because they didn’t watch it or maybe they watched it too long ago.

It’s not organized. It’s not controlled.

It’s not precise and I’m not saying that that means it’s awful, it just means that you can’t really tell whether your student is going at the pace that you expect them to.

There’s no control of any of those things when you do the simple layout and even on sites like Click Course and ClickEcourse, we have the basic structure of a course as well where you can just upload videos and you just put them in a sequence and that’s basically what you know the basic course is.

It’s just a series of lessons if you look at lots of the leaders out there, that’s how they sell their courses.

That’s how they’re at least the course has been so in the past.

Now, things are getting more complex. People are expecting more.

You know, complicated things but it’s same time, you don’t want it to be so complex that it overwhelms them and it also you don’t want it to be super
complex to understand and to create your course right?

So your first course definitely should be just a simple lesson video course.

It’s a lot easier to do and if you want a little bit of control, you can do it in a site like ClickeCourse where you can kind of organize them and you can kind of keep track of how many students have watched which video and how much of the video they’ve watched and all those kinds of things right?

All those metrics right?

You can do that with ClickeCourse or other platforms of course have that support too but with ClickeCourse, there’s the new method which is
like I said, that the second method, the second method of organizing or creating a course is using what would the interesting course modules right?

There are basically sections or there it’s kind of it’s the same thing as the the academic world right?

When you go to university or to college, you’ve got a curriculum which is a six month four month six months or even a year or two period of time where you’re going through a series of topics to get you to the end of the course right?

At the end of the course is supposed to be you’ve learned a certain thing right?

So how do you get there in a way that’s digestible over months right?

Over weeks and months. That’s not that simple. You can’t just have you know a bunch of videos to watch or just the teacher talking in front of the class throughout the whole session without really art or knowing where you are within the whole process you know how much of it you’ve done so far and you know in a traditional class, you’ve got like tests and quizzes every once in a while to validate that you’ve learned the topic before you’re going to the next topic.

Now, all that kind of stuff but that’s all organized in modules and that’s the thing.

With ClickeCourse in there, you go and you create your module.

You put in your module. You can put a lesson. You can put some text. You can put a quiz, a test and you can create another module and do the same thing in there right?

And the idea is when you’re thinking about your course, that’s the cool thing about the module right?

How do you organize the whole thing right?

I remember when I first started trying to look at how to create a course online, I was like, what is this module stuff?

I just want to do a basic course and I couldn’t find how to do a basic course this is why I created ClickeCourse cuz I wanted to make this basic course but so but as I grew in the whole thing, I realized that modules, you still need to have the ability to create modules but I didn’t want to enforce that on new users so I that’s why I wanted the ClickeCourse to have the basics of the lesson the video, lessons in a course with just video lessons right?

I wanted that to be a basic and if you want to do modules, you can do it after the fact or you can do it and at the same time..

Anyways, it’s organized differently than what I’ve seen on other sites.

That’s one of the things the reasons I did this but so the thing is that in a module, the idea with a module or the course using modules is that you look at your course.

The whole course right? Is it a one month course, a six month course whatever it is.

Obviously, you don’t want to be doing six month courses online.

Necessarily, you could but I’m just saying like normally it’s a month right?

There’s three to six weeks right?

That would be the length of course and the idea is that you look at what is it you want your students to learn throughout that period and then you figure out, Okay I’m gonna do one module that should take them about a week to do or maybe a couple days or whatever it is.

You split that up into the number of modules and then for every single module, you think, Okay what do I want them to learn in that module?

What part of the whole do I want them to learn in this module?

This particular part of the course right?

And within that, you put in place what you need for them to end that module with that knowledge and then you go to the next one and the next one and the idea is that you look at how many modules you’re going to need and then you look at what you’re going to teach there each of the modules.

I know, it’s a process. It’s not as simple as just doing video courses especially if you’ve been doing the thing for a long time.

You know exactly how to teach it.

You’ve been teaching it online, for example.

Well, you want to just have a video.

A video series, that’s great. But if you want to be able to really teach of course using the idea of modules that is also possible and that’s the really
the top two ways of creating courses.

Number one, just video lessons which can be put anywhere on YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, in a blog, in an email sequence.

That’s number one. It’s a really easy way.

You just have a bunch of videos and they’re split into lessons.

Number two is you create a course with modules and every single module can have one or more video, one or more files, a PDF, a cheat sheet, you know or a quiz, a test and you can do that in ClickeCourse.

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