Do you sometimes think that you really have to like rush?

Rush and rush and rush and that’s the only way you’re gonna succeed.

What if I told you that slow and steady actually does when the reason can win the race and it’s not just about the children’s story.

Now, what do I mean by residual income and what do I mean by you know slow and steady wins the race?

So I mean, obviously if you listen to the the moral of the story and the children’s story about the Tortoise and the Hare or the turtle and the rabbit.

You know, when they’re running. They’re racing.

The rabbit stops and looks and things of course in real life, maybe that’s not super especially if you’re trying to build a business online.

We’re trying to sell a course. Trying to build a course.

You know, when I talk about generating income from digital course strategies, I’m talking about generating some income from things that are not necessarily just course creation but around the course you know, strategies. The course.

The e-learning boom that’s happening right now.

You know, everybody’s talking about teaching online and learning online and building incomes from your online activities, right?

And the thing is that you can go really fast like I tried this before, right?

I actually set up a couple.

I’ve been doing this for years now and the first page I created, I actually went in and I figured out a way to get like one cent for a like, right?

Because you know, if you, I don’t know if you’ve tried this before but if you try to do ads on Facebook, I did that in the beginning.

If you try to do ads on Facebook to like what they call a likes campaign ad on Facebook, it’s gonna cost you two three dollars per and like so you’re gonna spend like a hundred bucks.

You’re gonna get like, I don’t know.. five ten likes, right?

Maybe 15 likes and it’s gonna take you know, a couple of days. Obviously, you can spend a hundred dollars in a day or you can spend that 10 mils are they or 1 dollar day for a hundred days. In the end,

it evens it says itself out it’ll cost you two or three dollars per like.

Now I did that in the beginning and when I found out that you could actually get, you can do a different kind of ad that will give you likes at one cent or two cents a like, I was like, Oh my God! That’s so ash.

I’m gonna try that so I did that and I got my page so like 23 thousand likes and I don’t know I think I’ve dated in the month or so because I was spending like about ten dollars a day or something and that was pretty cool.

I was like, Oh wow. Look at these likes.

And the thing that happened is because of the change. I did it. I changed what I was doing. I changed my audience.

I changed my content. I ended up losing that page because there were too many people in those twenty two thousand that weren’t really into what I was doing now and the way Facebook works I guess is they flag you and they’ll maybe like you don’t really know right?

I’m just guessing as to what happened is that people would go and they would mark some of the posts I did as things they don’t want to see or unfollow on my page and that kind of stuff and to Facebook that means your page is not good content.

People don’t like it so then they block it and they do things and anyways you end up losing your page and I did it again.

Afterwards, I created another page and I did the same thing except that time, I thought you know, I’m gonna focus my life so I’m gonna make him perfect.

I’m gonna do it right and I’m gonna do the right audience and everything and I ended up and I decided you know what I’m gonna just spend a budget and then one day, I’m gonna spend 200 bucks in the day instead of doing it five dollars in a day kinda thing over a period and it still worked.

I got like I think it was thirteen thousand likes in a day, right? At two hundred bucks or so.

I could probably go back and look at my accounts but that’s the thing so I got those likes really really fast.

You know was trying to get to the finish line really fast and you know what, it really didn’t make a difference that much.

It really didn’t change my income.

It didn’t change things and I lost that page, too.

I don’t know what reasons but I’m guessing similar kind of reasons so now I’m not worrying too much about that.

I’m just building my content slowly and I’ve got like a hundred likes now on my page.

It’s page, I you know created. Well, it’s actually this page here is the page that was created by Instagram as a link or whatever so I just changed the name to Jean-Serge Gagnon, a fan and you know, I got 100 likes on it.

I’m assuming that people that are liking it or either marketers or people who actually do like what I’m doing, hopefully you’re one of those one of those that likes what I’m doing and you know and it’s just gonna I’m just gonna let it grow slowly.

For me, that’s better than trying to go really fast.

I might go and try to spend money on ads or do something and try to grow things but I’m slowly building things so that I get to the point where what I’m what the audience I’m building is actually real.

People that are really interested in what it is.

Not fake accounts or not, you know, things like that because that’s one of the things that happens when you try to go too fast, you’re gonna pick up stuff that isn’t really what you want and that’s just the nature of trying to trying to jump you know, trying to jump over the fence before your time.

Before your time.

Before you’re ready.

Before you’ve built what you need, right?

And that’s one of the things I’m wanting to avoid this time around.

I’ve got a vision for what’s going what I’m gonna do and you should do the same.

You should build up based on a vision.

You should slowly build up so that you win the race slowly and steady and be there, you know the right way and that not just try to.. just you know go so fast that you’re that you’re not learning the right strategy, the right skills as you go cuz if you go too fast, you’re gonna end up doing things that aren’t really the right things and that’s just the nature of trying to go too fast, right?

Because we need to learn as an entrepreneur.

There’s lots of stuff that you probably don’t know about online marketing, about building audiences, about engaging with your audience, about growing your audience, about you know, doing ads on Facebook or on Twitter or LinkedIn or anything any other platform, right?

Trying to build your name, right?

Trying to make you be somebody who others you know, look up to or want to be involved with or you know, be connected with.

All these things.  Their  skills that you need to learn and this is one of things I’m doing right now is I’m building a platform where these skills can be taught by me, by others so that you know, we grow our skills together, right?

So hopefully, you know my vision will take fruit nice and slowly but it’ll happen and it’ll be the vision that I have, right?

And I’m gonna be able to help you to generate your income and to build your business online and that’s my goal is to help you to build your brand.

Build your business.

Build your income.

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